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Lush green forests, palm trees, clean air, balmy breezes, wide open spaces, blue, blue skies with fluffy white clouds and water everywhere. Paradise indeed!
(See "The Tropics" for this, and other, beautiful,
tropical, vacation spots!)

Hi there....I'm glad you stopped by!
Within these pages you will find a diverse collection of things that I hope will interest and entertain you! So sit back, relax and take a "VIRTUAL VACATION" from the stresses of the 'real world'!

Following is a brief synopsis of the contents of the links at the left. I hope you will visit them all.

A selection of "warm and fuzzy" sentiments to view or send to your friends and family.


Probably my most popular page, it contains good clean jokes, and many funny pages covering many subjects.



A collection of totally 'useless' but fun stuff to see and do.

For all my fellow cat lovers.

Pages that didn't seem to fit in any of the other categories. ("Animated Paintings" can be found here!)


A collection of all of the Midis you'll hear on this site and then some!


A tourists view of some beautiful tropical places to visit!


A collection of Help Links, Game Links, and others that I think you will find entertaining.

Self-explanatory. GO HERE to check out my DOLLHOUSE!

Awards I have been fortunate enough to receive. (**NOTE** Apply for "Calskp's Homepage Award" ~ HERE ~ )

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